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22 Certificate Courses offered by Center for Community Development related to home science, technical, paramedical, Agriculture, Computers and languages. These courses are ORGANISED in collaboration with educational Institutes and NGOs in Kolhapur, Sangali, Satara, Solapur districts under Shivaji University jurisdiction.
Sr. No.

Name of the Course

Duration Fees/student
1. Dress designing 12 Months Rs.3500/-
2. Beauty Therapy 6 Months Rs.8000/-
3. Child Development (Marathi and English) 12 Months Rs.3500/-
4. Nutrition and Dietetics 12 Months Rs.3000/-
5. Home Craft and related skills 12 Months Rs.2500/-
6. Motor vehicle Mechanic 12 Months Rs.5000/-
7. Two wheeler Mechanic 6 Months Rs.3000/-
8. Electronics system maintenance and Manufacturing. 12 Months Rs.5000/-
9. Industrial Electrical 12 Months Rs.3500/-
10 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 12 Months Rs.3500/-
11. Health Assistant 12 Months Rs.3500/-
12. Ayurved Certificate 06 Months Rs.1500/-
13. Panchakarma Assistant 12 Months Rs.2500/-
14. C.M.L.T. 12 Months Rs.3500/-
15. Live Stock Management 12 Months Rs.5000/-
16. Nursery Management 12 Months Rs.2000/-
17. Medicinal plants- Conservation and Cultivation 12 Months Rs.3500/-
18. Laboratory Management with water, Soil and Food analysis. 12 Months Rs.5000/-
19. Computer Hardware Management 12 Months Rs.8000/-
20. Computer Application with D.T. P. Tally or Visual Basic Programming 12 Months Rs.3500/-
21. English Communication Skills 6 Months Rs.2000/-
  Salient Features of the Courses:
  1. Individual committees, consisting of academic and professional veterans in concerned field, design the Courses, (Hon ble Vice Chancellor, Shivaji University. Nominate the committee members)

  2. Eligibility for Admission Age : Minimum 15 - No Upper Age limit. Educational Qualification: Minimum 10th pass or for Some courses (C.M.L.T., Lab Management and Cultivation of medicinal plants) 12th Pass or Equivalent practical experience.

  3. Practical oriented Courses provide multiple skills.

  4. Continuous Evaluation, Project/Survey or post Course practical training compulsory for every participants.

    Any educational or registered NGO in Kolhapur, Sangali, Satara and Solapur district can run our courses.

  Procedure for Collaboration:
  1. Applications are invited every year in the month of January. For each course, Institutes have to pay following charges: (Institutes can apply for more than one course)

    • Application form - Rs.75/-

    • Course registration fee -Rs.250/-

  2. Submission of application proposal with necessary information along with processing fee Rs.!500/-

  3. Inspection: Verification of information through inspection committee consisting of subject expert and Centers representative.

    Inspection Criteria: -

    • Venue

    • Infra- structure

    • Course related material and staff

    • Tie up with local Industries

    • Employment Opportunities for participants

    • To run the CCD course/courses institutes will be given administrative approval only in that particular financial year. For every year we invite separate applications.

    Responsibility of Center: -

    • Coordination and Control

    • Preparation of Course syllabus and other criteria

    • Staff training

    • Evaluation

  Academic Calendar of Training Program:

We offer following training workshops with 3 to 8 days duration in the year.

Name of the program Participants Duration Month of organization
Indian Embroidery Anybody interested 3 days April
Balbhavan training Pre-primary teachers and activists 8 days May
Personnel Management Staff in Super Bazar,


1 day June
Adolescence: Sexuality Secondary school teachers 2 days July
Human Resource Development College teachers 2 days August
Stress Management Staff in cooperative banks 1 day September
Preparation of Audio-Visuals College teachers 3 days November
Interview Techniques and Personality Development University Students 2 days November
Action Research NGO activist 3 days December
Fashion Journalism Journalist 1 day January

This year, in the month of October, we are planning to organize exhibition on women organized small scale industries.

  1. Ms. Manjusha Deshpande,
    Director, In-charge.
  2. Mr.Uttam Sakat,
    Assistant Program Officer.

Center for community Development,
V. S. Khandekar Bhashabhavan, Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
Phone No.0231-2690571 Ext.:- 5309,5308.