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Major/Minor Research Projects
                University Grants Commision provides financial assistance for major and monor research projects to the University as well as the college teachers. The Maximum limit of financial assistance for major research project is Rs. 7,00,000/- and monor project is Rs. 50,000/- The time period for completing the major and minor research projects is three and two years respectively.
               During the current year the financial assistance sanctioned by the University Grants Commission is as follows:
                1. Major research project sanctioned to Four teachers of University - Rs. 17,88,980/-
                2. Minor research project sanctioned to three teachers of University - Rs 60.000/-

Research Awards
                University Grants Commision offers financial awards to the university and college teachers for pursuing their research work i.e. Ph.D. and M.Phil. for a period of two years and one year respectively in the form of the payment of their full amount of salary.
                University Grants Commision has formulated the following special schemes to promote research :
                1. Research Associateship
                                Full time and part time associateship are awarded by the University Grants Commision, centrally every year to the teachers, and scholars for a     term of five years. The research associates are paid their full remuneration plus a contingency amount. Presently Prof. Manik Thakar(Sanskrit Department) and
                Dr. (Miss) Vasudha Joshi (Depatment of Commerce and Management Sciences) are working as research associates.
                2. Research Awards
                                In order to support young and talented teachers to pursue their research work, the University Grants Commision has designed a research award under which the teaching responcibilities of the teacher is minimized for a period of three years under which the teaching responsibilites of the teacher is minimized for a period of three years.Presently Dr. Anjali Kshirsagar, Department of Physics is working as research awardee.
                3. Emetitus Fellowship
                                Under this scheme highly qualified, experienced and super-annuated Professors in the University are financial provided assistance to pursue their research work in their specific fields of specialization and an honorarium of  Rs. 10,000/- and a contingency grant of Rs. 20,000/- is given to them.
                4. Research Scientist
                                Scientists having Ph.D. degree are appointed as research scientists by the University Grants Commision in A,B or C grade. The research scientists are paid salary equivalent to the scale of the university teachers. Presently
                following research scientists are working in the university:
                                1. Dr. (Mrs.) N.R. Kulkarni (Department of Sanskrit) Grade B
                                2. Dr. Manik Kher (Department of Sanskrit) Grade B
                                3. Dr. (Mrs.) S.K. Kulkarni (Department of Physics) Grade C
                The University Grants Commission has released a grant of Rs. 9,46.607/- for the salary, contingency,travel etc.of the-above research scientists upto June 2003.
                5. Cultural Exachange Scheme
                                The aim of this scheme is to promote cultural, educational and scientific co-operation between India and other countries of the world. The programmes under this scheme are generally for exchange visit of teachers/scholars  for study-cum-lectures, exchanges of views and development of bi-lateral academic links between the institutions of  the two countries. The University Grants Commission provides financial assistance to meet the travel assistance.
                During this year Dr. Mrs. Janine Mossuz Lavau, a French Scholar; Lara Takul and J. Benki, Hungerian scholars visited the University of Pune.
                6. Seminars, Conferences and Workshops
                                University Grants Commission sanction financial assistance to university and colleges for organizing State and National level conferences, if the expenditure exceeds Rs. 50,000/-
                7. Collaborative Research Scheme
                                The Government of India (DST/DBT, CSIR)/BARC/ISRO etc.)provided financial assistance for collaborative  research projects as under:
                                 1. Under BARC-University of Pune Research Collaborative programme Rs. 10,39,878/- were received of various departments of the University for this year.
                                2. Under SciNova Informatics, Pune - University of Pune collaborative research programme Dr. S.R. Gadre,  Director, Interdisciplinary School of Scientific Computing, University of Pune was sanctioned Rs. 66,000/- for a period of 6 months of this year.
                                 3. Under ISRO- University of Punr collaborative research programme an amount of Rs. 1,70,000/- was   received by Mrs. P.U. More, USIC Department, Rs. 1,40,000/- received by Miss. P.S. Puranik, USIC Department Rs. 1,40,000/- received by Dr. R. N. Karekar, Physics Department , Rs. 1,10,000/- received  by Dr. S.A. Gangal, Electronic Science Department, Rs. 12,214,200/- received by Prof. V. Sitaremam, Biotechnology Department, Pune University for this year.