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  Scholarship Bonanza

Shivaji University has achieved rare distinction of being the first ever University to launch the scholarship scheme for students of PG deptts and under graduate students of affiliated colleges. Every year about 500 scholarships (of Rs. 5,000/- and 10,000 per anum) are given from own corpus of the University. The Shivaji University Merit Scholarship Scheme (SUMS) offers one scholarship each of Rs. 5,000/- for every P. G. Department for both the years. University also offers one departmental research fellowship for each PG department for the scholars pursuing Ph. D. Degree

Scholarships and other Concessions : In addition to the Government of India Scholarship/Concession and the State Government Scholarships/Concessions, the University has instituted the following Scholarships/Free studentships for the post-graduate students (subject to modification from time to time)

  • Two Scholarships in each subject (other than English and History) of the value of Rs. 300/- per term.

  • Two Scholarships of the value of Rs. 150/- per term in each major subject. M. A. History & English for Part-I Rs. 300/- per term for Part-II Rs. 300/- per term  two Scholarships each

  • Dr. Appasaheb Pawar Merit Scholarship M. A. Part-I Rs. 36/- per month - one for History (Entire) M. A. Part-II Rs. 36/- per month - one Free Studentships of the value of Rs. 75/- per term upto 10% of the total enrolment of students securing 45% or more marks.

Details regarding rules and regulations of the Scholarships/Concessions can be had from the University Office.

  Departmental Research Scholarship


In view of the recent trends, thrust and Emerging areas being introduced in research and considering the fact that the major number of University Students having mostly rural background and also due to limited access to the facilities at their disposal, it is observed that the University Students are denied access to facilities of upgrading there academic qualifications. It is also difficult to qualify themselves for the award of various scholarships / fellowships on national and state level which further tends to eliminate them from competition for good academic positions. It has therefore been decided to introduce a scheme to be known as "Shivaji University Departmental Research Scholarship" from the academic year 1996-1997. The scholarship will be tenable in University Departments at Kolhapur and also in it's Centre for Post-graduate Studies at Solapur. Every viable department will have one scholarship per year.

A candidate having atleast 55% marks at M.A./M.Sc./ M.Com./ M.Ed./ LL.M. degree of the Shivaji University is eligible to apply. The upper age limit will be 28 years relaxable upto 5 years in the case of reserve categories, women and physical handicapped applicants.  The selections will be made purely on the basis of merit.


 1.   Every eligible candidate who has already registered for Ph. D. in the University Department will apply along with copies of certificates an undertaking that he/she is not a Recipient of any financial assistance from any other agency for the Ph. D. studies, also that he/she is not employed and will not give up the award before completing the tenure which is subject to recovery.

 2.   The application with copies of the testimonials will be addressed to the respective Heads of the Department and handed over in person to the concerned University Department  or sent by Registered A. D. Post.

 3.   The Heads of the Departments with the Departmental Research Committee, will scrutinize the applications and after oral interview will make recommendation duly signed by all the members of the Departmental Research Committee for the award of scholarship to the Vice-Chancellor.

 4.   The approval of the Vice-Chancellor will be conveyed to the Head of the teaching department by the Development  Section of the University for further necessary action. 

5.   Preference will be given to the Reserved categories, Women and Physically handicapped applicants;  on the basis of merit.

Applications for the Research Scholarships will be invited through Advertisement in the local dailies.


 1.   The tenure of the scholarship will be initially for a period of 2 years extendable for 1 more year only after rigorous assessment of the work done for the first 2 years.

 2.   The value of scholarship will be Rs. 3,000/- p.m.

 3.   The contingency grant of Rs. 3,000/- p.a. will be payable for purchase of chemicals, consumables, field work, attending seminars / symposia / workshops etc. in relation to the research work including stationary. However, annual expenditure on stationary will not exceed 20% of the annual component, as per details given in all expenditure incurred by the scholar will have to be certified by the research guide / supervisor and the H.O.D. concerned.


1.   After the end of every month a progress report in the prescribed proforma will be sent to the Development Section for payment of scholarship

2.   The report of the guide in monthly report should be SATISFACTORY / GOOD PROGRESS / VERY GOOD PROGRESS  otherwise the monthly scholarship will not be drawn.

 3.   The researcher can avail by 30 days leave with scholarship in a year.

 4.   The tenure of the scholarship will continue from the date of joining the scholarship award and the fellow will work as a full-time researcher during the summer and Winter vacations.

 5.   In extreme emergency such as accident severe illness the fellow will be granted 1 month medical leave during the entire tenure of the scholarship.

6.   Applications for discontinuation of Scholarships will be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor with the recommendation of the Departmental Research Committee.

 Any problem in context of application of rules and procedural matters will be referred to the Hon.ble Vice-Chancellor for final decision.


 The researcher any time after completing his tenure of first 21 months, however,  not after completing 24 months, will submit a detailed work-done report duly signed by the researcher and his guide to the Head of the Department concerned. On receipt of the work-done report, the Head of the Department will put before the Departmental Research Committee and the committee will take review of the work-done report and recommend to the Vice-Chancellor whether the 3rd year extension be given and if not whether the research work-done report is not to the level as expected and amount paid so far is recoverable. The work-done will have to be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor before or after the completion of the 24th months of the tenure of the researcher.


 A)     To facilitate speedy day-to-day working of the Research scholarship, the following power can be exercised by the Guides of Research student in concurrence with the Head of the Department.

1.   Sanctioning of leave when it is due

2.   Approving of tours of Research Fellows for attending Symposia /Seminars/Conferences in India provided Fellow is presenting paper/papers which have been accepted and for attending workshop/training courses relevant to the research.

3.   Field work connected with the Research

4.   Computation work

5.   Consulting rare reference volumes in the nearest University / Research Institution library.

6.   The fellows may be given maximum 2 clock hours teaching / practical work in a week.

B)     Utilization of contingent grant for :

1.   Actual II class train fare and D. A. during tours for attending Symposia / Seminars / Conferences / Workshops and Training Courses and field work.

2.   Chemicals / consumable items required for the research work

3.   Photographic materials for research

4.   Computation charges

5.   Stationary and postal charges (Stationary expenditure to be limited @ 20% of the annual component)

 6.   Typing and Research papers

 7.   Registration fee for attending conference / seminar/ symposia etc.

 Note: Stationary items such as pen, pencils, folders, file covers, carbon  papers etc. will  not be considered for payment.


 No. SU/STAT/F.23/                                                                                 Date:



         Sub: Award of Departmental Research Scholarship.


         I am to inform you that you have been selected as a Departmental Research Scholarship during the year _________ in the Department of _____________________. You are requested to send a joining report on a plain paper duly signed by the Guide and Head of the Department.

 a.   The duration of your fellowship shall be of two years, extendable for another year after rigorous evaluation of work done for first two years.

 b.   The value of the fellowship will be Rs. 3,000/- per month payable from the date of joining with a contingent grant of Rs. 3,000/- p.a.

 c.    You will have to work as a full-time Research Scholar in the respective Department

 d.   You should not accept any appointment of monetary benefit during the tenure of your scholarship.

 e.   In case of failure to continue the research work you will have to refund the total amount of Scholarship grant received by you.

 f.    You will have to give an undertaking in the format enclosed on a stamped paper of Rs. 20/- alongwith joining report.

 Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

 Board of College and
University Development 



           I Shri ________________________ hereby undertake to refund the scholarship amount paid to me under the Shivaji university Scheme of Departmental Research Scholarship if the fellowship is surrendered prior to the conclusion of the tenure and research work is discontinued.

                                                                                              Name and address


 1.      _________________

        Name and Address

 2.      _________________

        Name and Address


Monthly Progress Report in respect of the Departmental
Research Scholarship. 


Month and year of report.      



Name of the Research Fellow



Deptt. in which doing the work



Date of registration at the University



Date of Joining



Number of working days in the month under report



Number of day leave enjoyed during the month under report.



Progressive total of leave enjoyed till the period of this report.



Number of days present in the month under report



Teaching work done during the period under report.



Whether the Junior research fellow has accepted any Emoluments, Scholarships or Stipends from any other source during period under report (If "Yes" please give details)



Remarks of the Supervisor regarding the work done by the Departmental Research Scholar (SATISFACTORY/GOOD / PROGRESS / VERY GOOD PROGRESS)



Signature of the
Signature of the
Head of the Deptt.