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List of all Departments / Sections

Department  Name

 E-Mail Address

 Department of Adult and Continuing Education
 Department of Agrochemicals & Pest Management
 Department of Bio-Chemistry
 Department of Bio-Technology
 Department of Botany
 Department of Chemistry
 Department of Commerce & Management
 Department of Computer Science
 Department of Economics
 Department of Education
 Department of Electronics
 Department of English
 Department of Environmental Science
 Department of Foreign Languages

 Department of Geography
 Department of Hindi
 Department of History
 Department of Journalism & Communication
 Department of Law
 Department of Library & Information Science
 Department of Marathi
 Department of Mathematics
 Department of Micro-Biology
 Department of Music
 Department of Physics
 Department of Political Science
 Department of Sociology
 Department of Statistics
 Department of Zoology
 Course in Sericulture
 Course in Industrial Chemistry

Section Name

 E-mail Address

 Computer Centre
 NAAC Cell
 Meeting Section
 Convocation Section
 Statement of Marks Section
 Affiliation Section
 Publication Section
 Cash Section
 P.G. Admission Section
 P. G. B. U. T. R. Section
 External Section
 Controller Of Examination (C. O. E.) Office
 University & Industry Interaction Cell
 P. G. Bills Section
 Store Section
 Establishment Section
 Establishment Section Legal
 Library Internet Hall
 Board of Studies Section (B. O. S.)
 Web Site Cell
 Appointment Section
 Security Section
 Hostel - Boys
 Hostel - Ladies
 Eligibility Section
 Finance & Accounts Office
 University Library
 Stat Section