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Shivaji University Started in 1965 and the Marathi Department was established in 3rd March 1979 with one Professor, One Reader and Two Lecturers.
        Dr. G.M. Powar was the first Professor and Head of the Dept.. He Specialized in Sociology of Marathi Literature and Modern Marathi Literature.
        Dr. L.R. Nasirabadkar accepted the Headship of the department in 1992 and Continued to there up to 1995. Prof. Dr. Vishwanath Shinde was Head of Department from 1st Sept. 1995 to 2001. Now Prof. Dr. Ravindra Thakur is Head of the Department from 13th Sept. 2001.
        The Syllabus of M.Phil was started in 1983. The number of students who received M.A. Degree of this Department is about 2000. There are 57 M.Phil Students and 30 Ph.D. students who conferred their degrees respectively and number of students doing their research work in department.

Salient Features of the Departments: -

        The department has a rich tradition of research. So far 125 students have obtained their Ph.D. degrees and 135 students their M.Phil. degrees through the dept.. The success of the dept. in SET / NET examinations also is noteworthy.

Extra - Curricular Activities of the Departments: -

        The Department itself has organized many projects for the students of the department and for the students of colleges also. Those included Debates, Seminars, Conferences, Refresher Courses, Visiting Professor Scheme, Workshops for creative writing such as poems and stories, the lecturer of the professors of other Universities.

  1. Seminars, Symposia, Workshops etc.   Seminars - 07

  2. Lecture Series - 25

  3. Refresher Courses - 08

  4. The Programmers elated to Students - Seminars on Syllabus, Lectures of experts and Remedial Coaching Scheme.

  Research Areas :
  • Folk Literature
  • Dalit and Gramin Literature
  • Sociology of Literature in context of Marathi Nove
  • Folklore and Marathi folk Literature
  • Criticism of Poetry
  Academic Programmes offered: 

M. A.
M. Phil

Course Structure:(Papers)

  Student Intake capacity:  

   M.A.    : - 70
   M.Phil  : - 10
   Ph.D.   : - 18

  Facilities Offered:
  1. Carryscope 100 (35mm Remote)      :      One
  2. Overhead Projector ( Folding type)   :      One
  3. Typewriter                                     :      Two
  4. T.V. & VCR                                     :      One
  5. Tape Recorder                                :      Two
  6. Computer                                       :       Three
  7. Sound System                                 :       One    
  8. Internet Facility


  • Computer Lab
  • Camcorder
  • Sound System
  Interaction / Collaboration with University / Industry / Laboratory:

Shivaji University has made a contract with University of Goa for cultural exchange Programme in collaboration.


Professor: 03, Lecturers: 02

Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification
1   Dr. Vishwanath Shinde   Head & Professor   M.A., B. Ed., Ph.D.
2   Dr. Krishnath Kirwale   Professor   M.A., B. Ed., Ph.D.
3   Dr. Ravindra Thakur   Professor   M.A., Ph.D.


  Contact Person :

Department of Marathi,