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The University library occupies a central and a prestigious site and is in close proximity of all the teaching departments, hostels, administrative office and residential quarters on the campus. The new Library building is functionally planned with an elegant architectural design of 'T' shape, with a carpet area of 34,000 sq. ft. The new extension of the Library building was inaugurated at the auspicious hands of Hon.Chancellor Dr.P.C. Alexander on 24th January, 1996.
Naming Ceremony of the Library:
The University Library was named after Late Barr.Balasaheb Khardekar on 24 October, 1981 at the auspicious hands of Hon'ble Shri. O.P. Mehra, the then Chancellor and Governor of Maharashtra. Barr.Balasaheb Khardekar, the prince from Kagal, was a true sportsman, a notable democrat, the Member of the Parliament, an eminent educationist, a lover of English Literature and a disciplinarian to the core. All his life he served the cause of education in and around Kolhapur and in Maharashtra as well. Hence it is really a matter of pride that the Library is named after Barr.Balasaheb Khardekar as a fitting tribute to his memory.


  The Present Library Extension:

In addition to its original 34,000 sq.ft.area, the first horizontal and vertical extension of the building was taken up during the year 1985 with 10,609 sq.ft. space. Now a new wing has been added to the west-side having 6892.74 sq.ft. area. This two storeyed building is utilised for Department of Library and Information Science and back volumes of periodicals and preservation of records. The extension part of the building has added spacious area with sufficient natural light, ventilation and a refreshing environment. The expenditure incurred for this building extension project is Rs.10 lakh from U.G.C. grant and Rs.18,77,258 from the Shivaji University Funds.

  Major Sections in the Library :

    The Library has three main areas

  • Administrative

  • Stacking

  • Reading, which are further divided into various sections listed below :

  1. Exhibition Hall/Entrance Hall with a seating space for visitors

  2. Library Office

  3. Acquisition Section

  4. Processing Section

  5. Manuscripts and Maps Section

  6. Theses and Dissertations/Reference/Report Section

  7. Journals/Periodicals Section

  8. Text Books Section

  9. General Reading Hall

  10. Rare Books Section

  11. Audio Visual Room/Photo Copy Room

  12. Department of Library and Information Science

  13. Computer Room

  14. Internet Hall


  The Present Library Collection:

The Library procured some personal book collections of eminent scholars in various faculties of knowledge. Besides this, it has also received several large donations from enlightened citizens, connoisseurs of books and organisations. Consideration the rapid expansion of academic activities and the burgeoning number of students, faculty members and administrative staff on the campus, the University authorities have made provisions to the tune of Rs.30 to 35 lakh in the library budget every year enabling the fast growth of its collection. During IXth Plan Period, the U.G.C. has provided an amount of Rs.52 lakhs to procure books, journals and equipments.

  • The details of total library collection as on 31 March 2005 are mentioned below:
    Books - 2,28,702

  • Bound Volumes of Journals - 31,666

  • Manuscripts - 6,500

  • Theses and dissertations - 7,766

  • Reports - 6,322

  • Current Journals - 361 (Indian-253, Foreign-108)


  The Periodical Section

The University Library subscribes to 344 journals in various subjects every year, out of which 78 are foreign journals and 266 are Indian Journals. The budget provisions for journals is to the tune of Rs.30 lakhs per annum. The opening hours of the Periodical Section are 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. every day. It also remains open on Sundays and holidays for the benefit of students and researchers.


  Reading Room Facilities :

The Library has a large General Reading Hall with a seating capacity of 360 seats, it remains open from 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 midnight. An additional reading space in the Reference Room (40 Seats), Periodical reading hall (100 seats) is also available. The speciality of the management of Reading Room is that, it is run by those needy students of various Post Graduates Departments, who stay in Dr.Appasaheb Pawar Vidyaarthi Bhavan Hostel, under "Earn and Learn Scheme" of the University.

  The Library Services :

The Library provides a partly open and partly closed access system. The text book section has open access, where a collection of prescribed text books for all courses is maintained. A complete catalogue of thesis collection is published for reference. Few latest books are displayed every fortnight. On an average 700 readers visit various sections of the library every day and the number of registered readers in 2002-03 is 3815. Facility for home lending of books is extended to readers, the inter-library loan facility is also available. In addition to these services, Photo Copy facility for educational materials is provided on nominal charge basis The U.G.C. Study Centre was also set up since 1970 on the University Campus in a separate spacious building to provide students at the graduate and post graduate level with 250 seats.


  The Publications :

The Library has published following bibliographics :

  • Compendium of Research : Doctoral Theses 1962-1987 (Pub.1987) Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

  • Compendium of Research : Vol-2 (Pub.2000)

  • Index to Dissertations (Pub.1988)

  • Catalogue of Manuscripts (Pub.1996)

  • Compendium of Research Vol.2, Doctoral Theses: Nov.1987 to Dec.1998. (Pub.Aug.2000), Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

  • Separate file of articles on important subjects/topics for ready reference covering period (1975 - 1995).

  Library Automation Programme :

Since 1996-97, the Library has received financial assistance from the U.G.C. to procure Computer Systems for Library Automation and Networking under INFLIBNET programme, Accordingly now, the Library is part of INFLIBNET National Network and has recently acquired INTERNET connectivity as well. Database creation work is in progress and data is sent :

The library has required membership linkage with following institutions : -

  1. American Information Resource Centre, Mumbai

  2. The British Council, Pune,

  3. The National Chemical Laboratory, Pune

  4. Association of Commonwealth Universities, U. K.

  5. Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi.

  Working Hours

  • Reading Room - 19 Hors 6.00 a.m. to 12.-00 p.m.

  • Periodical Section 12 Hours - 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

  • All other sections 10.20 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

The library is open all days except 1 Week 3 National Holidays and 4 diwali days.

  Special Features of the Library

  1. Reading Room Section :

  2. Separate Specious reading Hall for Students

  3. Opening hours 18 hours a day ( 6.00 a. m. to 12.00 mid night) throughout the year except one week ( 4 days diwali festival and 3 national holidays)

  4. Managed by students from economically weaker sections of the society through "Earn & Learn Scheme"

  5. Necessary book collection and text books available for studies

  6. Earn and Learn Scheme Extended for M. Phil. students executed in the library under which students are given library work

  7. Hands on experience for students of B. L.I.Sc. course in different sections of the Library

  8. A Separate Text Book Section for students with Open Access facility

  9. Seating facility for students who appear for competitive examinations

  10. Separate U.G.C. study centre for undergraduate students with a throughout the year (Except one work i.e. 4 days Diwali festival and 3 National Holidays )


  Periodical Section

Section open for 12 hours ( 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.) for students researchers. Section open on holidays.

  Other section :

Circulation counter, Reference Section/ Text Book Section/Periodical Section open on Second and fourth Saturdays.

  Extension Activities

  • Annual Book Exhibitions

  • Arrangement of Special lecturers by eminent writes and educationists.

  • Membeship deposit facility for professional community and senior citizens

  • Procurement of School Text Books for children of Class IV employees.

  • Separate provision for teachers personal library scheme

  Archival Cell

The University created an independent Archival Cell in the year 1988 with a separate staff of Asstt. Archivist, Conservationist and Microphotographist (one each). The Cell consists of rate manuscripts (5675) with rich collection of books published during 18th and 19th century. The rare books (25000) include important donations from renowned personalities like Shri Keshavrao Jedhe, Shri Appasaheb Pawar (First Vice-Chancellor of the University) and Shri S.R. Tikekar, Shri Dhananjay Keer, Dr.Jagtap, Prof. Aulak and others. The oldest manuscript of 'Dnaneshwari' (Shak 1460) is available in the Archival Cell, which also has source material on Vedanta, Ayurveda, Astrology etc. The catalogue of Manuscripts is prepared by the well known Sanskrit Scholar Late Shri Balacharya Khuperkar Shastri, which is published with financial assistance from Government of India in 1996.

Activities for preservation of special materials.

  • Special fumigation chamber to preserve rare documents by approved chemical methods.

  • Hand lamination with imported Japanese tissue paper for very rare and important documents

  • Special stacking shelving and display facility for all rare documents.