Department of Political Science
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   Introduction :

Department of Political Science was established in Shivaji University in Oct. 1970 and since that period of time the department has made considerable progress both in teaching and research. At present the department has approved strength of two professors, one reader and three lecturers.

  Subject Specializations :
Following are subject specialisations in the Department.
  • Political Theory

  • Modern Indian Political Thought

  • Government and Politics of India

  • Public Administration

  • Comparative Politics & Government

  • International Politics & Foreign Policy

  Academic Programmes Offered : 

  • M. A. Part I and II

  • M. Phil.

  • Ph. D.

  • Diploma course in Human Rights

  Course Structure :(Papers)

From the year 2008-09 the Department has introduced Semester system with Continuous Internal Assessment offers M. A. course with 16 papers, 4 papers for each semester. There are three types of papers –
  1. Compulsory papers

  2. Elective papers

  3. Inter disciplinary papers

  Facilities / Services Offered

The Department offers a number of facilities such as T.V., Internet connection, Computers, Audio-visual equipments such as DVD Player, VCR, mike, speaker box and Tape Recorder etc. It runs a departmental library and subscribes to a numbers of daily newspapers.

  Extension Services :

The Department deputes few students to winter session of Maharashtra legislature to study functioning of the legislative bodies. M. A. part II students of the Department visit Delhi to study functioning of Parliamentary institution other statutory bodies and visit the political leaders of different political parties.

  Publications : 
Following are major publications of the Department –
  • “Freedom Movements in Princely States of Maharashtra” edited by Dr. A. R. Bhosle, Dr. A. S. Chousalkar and Dr. L. R. Tarodi, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, 2002.

  •  “Challenges before Indian Nationalism” edited by Dr. A. S. Chousalkar, Shivaji University, Kolhapur,2007.

  • Dr. Chousalkar A. S. – “Shahid Bhagat Singh – life and work”, Shivaji University,Kolhapur,2007.

  • “Political thoughts of Tilak and Agarkar” edited by Dr. A. S. Chousalkar, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, 2008.

  • Dr. Chousalkar A. S. – “Reballion and State, The Associated publishers, Ambala, 2008.

  Instruments/Infrastructure :

The department has its own wing with adequate number of classrooms and the cubicles for research students.
The Department has following instruments.

  1. Three Computers & three Printers

  2. Digital Camera (SONY)

  3. Over-Head Projectors

  4. Philips DVD

  5. Color T. V.

  6. VCR

  7. Tape Recorder

  8. Mike & speaker box

    The Department organises a number of national level seminars workshops and lectures with the financial support of ICSSR, Mumbai and U. G. C. to encourage research and to disseminate ideas.

  Faculty :
Sr.No. Teacher Name Designation Specialization
1.  Dr. A. S. Chousalkar Prof. and Head Political Theory
2.  Dr. V. P. Rasam Professor Indian Government and Politics, Women Studies,
Public Administration
3.  Dr. B. T. Patil Lecturer  
4.  Mr. P. B. Bhoye Lecturer Indian Government & Politics
  Contact Person :

Department of Political Science,