Department of Bio-Technology
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   Introduction :

The Department of Biotechnology is established in 2003, in the University with a vision to attain new heights in Biotechnology teaching and research for the welfare of the society.  Presently 6 students are working for their Ph. D. in the Department. The faculty members of the Department have published research papers in several International as well as National journals and presented research papers in International and National conferences and Symposia in last 5 years.

  Research Areas :

The Department is involved in Research areas like Microbial Biotransformation, Plant Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics.

  Subject Specializations :
  • Environmental Biotechnology

  • Plant Biotechnology

  • Bio-Informatics

  Academic Programmes Offered : 

            Following academic programmes are available in the Department

a)      M. Sc. Biotechnology.

b)      Ph. D. Biotechnology


  Course Structure :(Papers)

Course Structure M. Sc.


LS 141:   Cell Biology, Microbiology and Virology

BC 141:  Proteins – Structure and Functions

BC 142:  Biomolecules

BSI 141: Biostatistics and Bioinformatics with Computer Orientation

LC BC 141: Laboratory Course I

LC BC 142: Laboratory Course II


BC 241:   Enzymology

MB 241:  Molecular biology

BC 242:   Bioenergetics

TB 241:  Tools and Techniques in Bioscience

LC BC 241: Laboratory Course III

LC BC 242: Laboratory Course IV


GE   341: Genetic Engineering

IM    341:  Immunology

FT   341:  Fermentation Technology-I

BT   341:  Plant Biotechnology

LC BT 341: Laboratory Course V

LC BT 342: Laboratory Course VI


AB    441   :  Animal Cells in Biotechnology

IOM 441   :  Industrial Organization and Management

BI 441       :  Bioinformatics

MFT 441   :  Microbial Fermentation Technology

LC BT 441: Laboratory Course VII or Project Work

LC BT 442: Laboratory Course VIII (Project Work)

(New curricular design and implementation: Horizontal Mobility in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, and Microbiology & Environmental Biotechnology has implemented)

  Facilities / Services Offered
Department has plant tissue culture facilities
  Collaboration :

Department has interdepartmental collaboration with Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Botany and Zoology for teaching as well as research.

  Instruments/Infrastructure :
  • Instruments:

List of the equipments available with the Department:

  1.  Spectrophotometer – Spectronic 20-D

  2. Cooling Centrifuges

  3. Cooling microfuge

  4. Orbital shaking incubators

  5. Electrophoresis units

  6. Electrical weighing scales

  7. Molecular Biology instruments.

  However other sophisticated instruments are available with Department of Biochemistry and Common Facility Centre.


  1. Department has good support with National and International organizations.

  2. Modern infrastructure and facilities.

  3. Expert and extraordinary visiting faculty in the fields of Science and Technology.

Laboratory space:    

 Total area of the Department (in sq. Ft. / sqm.) =   8000 sq. Feet.

  1. HOD’s room attached with office

  2. Computer lab

  3. Plant tissue culture room    (student lab)

  4. Animal tissue culture room (student lab)

  5. Media preparation room

  6. Tissue culture research lab -1

  7. Molecular biology lab

  8. Staff room cubicles – 4

  9. Seminar Hall

  10. Classroom

  11. Laboratory - 1(for student use)

            Total laboratory area of the Department (in sq. Ft. / sqm.)   =  4500 sq. Feet.

  Faculty :

Name of the teacher


Highest Qualification


Dr. Mrs. J. P. Jadhav

Reader and Head

Ph. D.

Microbial Biotransformation

Environmental Biotechnology

Prof. V. A. Bapat

Emeritus Scientist


Ph. D.

Plant Biotechnology

Ms. U. U. Shedbalkar

Lecturer (contract basis)

M. Sc.

Environmental Biotechnology


  Contact Person :

Department of Bio-Technology,