Department of Industrial Chemistry
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  Department of Industrial Chemistry
  Teaching Staff:

 Professor 1 (Vacant), Contributory Teachers from Chemistry department.

  Teaching specialization in the Department :
  • Basic principles used for large scale production, planning and design.
  • Thermodynamics Mass and Energy balance Reactive systems Industrial methods used in synthesis, purification etc. Analytical techniques used for testing. Environmental pollution problems and monitoring pharmaceutical and Medicinal chemicals.
  Name of major sophisticated Instruments :
  • Bomb Colauremetic, UV-visible spectrophotometer etc. HPLL
  Major Research activities in the field of :
  • Thermodynamic and transport properties Solvent Extraction, kinetics of reactions, Synthesis of organic compounds Analytical methods etc.
  Interaction / Collaboration with University / Industry / Laboratory

* National Chemical Laboratory Pune, Gokul and warna Dairy and Sugar Institutes.

 Intake Capacity:

M. Sc. : Industrial Chemistry

Seats : 30

Note : The admissions to chemistry and industrial Chemistry will be made through common entrance examination. For industrial Chemistry, at B. Sc. level following subjects are required : i) chemistry (special) at B. Sc. - III. ii) Physics/Maths/Statistics at B. Sc.-II level (Subsidiary subjects). iii) M. Sc. (Industrial Chemistry) : Admission to the course is open to candidates possessing B. Sc. degree with minimum of 50% marks with Chemistry as a principal subject and at least one subsidiary subject from Physics, Mathematics and Statistics. The Students will be selected from the entrance exam. of chemistry subject.

 Contact Person:

 Dr. S. R. Patil,