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Introduction :
University Industry Interaction Cell (UII Cell) is established at Shivaji University in 1987. The prime objective of this cell is to strengthen the relationship between the university and industry resulting in a mutually beneficial partnership. The services of UII Cell include working on Research and Development Projects, Consultancy Services, Manpower Training, Chemical Analysis etc. The UII Cell is very keen in collaborating with industrial organizations for working on various problems of mutual interest through the faculty members of various Post-Graduate Departments.

We will strive to excel as the best interaction cell in the university system in this region by promoting cooperation among university, and industry.
Our mission is to act as a catalyst for promoting cooperation amongst academics; scientists and industrialist achieve competitiveness and socio economic development under the present scenario of global competition and challenges.

The modes of engagement planned with Industries includes:

  • Consultancy – market survey, project proposal, report preparation and/or presentation, state of arts report, up gradation of technology, provide specific solution etc.

  • Research projects.

  • Testing of products.

  • Skilled manpower creation and knowledge dissemination - organise workshops. conferences, summer/winter schools, programmes specific to a given industries, industry professional carrier development (off campus-additional qualification etc.)

  • To bring industry closer to the academia and vice-versa.

The cell has broad mottos namely:
  • to bring industry closer to the academia and vice-versa.

  • to generate resources in the form of industry supported projects and consultancy programmes, and

  • to organise placement programmes on the University Campus for the students of this University.

Possible Areas of Consultancy:

  • Department of Botany : Soil analysis and status
    of soil, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Fungal Pathology, Service to plant tissue culture, Assessment of herbal/ayurvedic products for antioxidant potential, Identification of plants, Assessment of salt affected lands,

  • Department of Environmental Science : The
    Environmental Impact Assessment for Industries, consultancy for National Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Programme, Monitoring of river pollution, water quality for Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, noise level monitoring.

  • Department of Statistics : Process optimization, Process control, Statistical data
    analysis, training programmes.

  • Chemistry : Process development.

  •  M. Tech. Departments (Environmental Science, Electronics Technology, Computer
    Science, Energy Technology): Technology Development.

  •  M. B. A. : The M. B. A. offers consultancy in the functional areas of Banking and Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management.

  • Department of Commerce : Market Survey, Operational Research, Advertisement, Sales Management, Finance Management.

  • Department of Economics : Business Logistics, Import-Export Logistics, Pricing, Fore-Casting, Macro Economic Survey, Evaluation of Development Activities, Fiscal Survey, Urban and Rural Development Planning, Cost benefit Analysis, Rate and Return Analysis, Environmental and Resource Accounting.

  • Department of Sociology : Surveys, analysis and interpretation of survey data.

Ongoing work:

  • Department of Biochemistry: MoU for consultancy, with Phytopharma Industry MIDC Gokul Shirgaon - analysis of pharmaceutical samples, microbial testing etc.

  • Department of Chemistry: analysis of water samples , hypo solution from hospitals, metal content in samples, industrial effluent analysis, consultancy to silvery refining industries.

  • Department of Environmental Science :

    • The Department is recognized by Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India, New Delhi and also by Maharashtra Pollution Board, Mumbai, for environmental monitoring.

    • Consultancy in environmental monitoring, water sample analysis etc.

    • Water sample analysis from Municipal Corporation area of Kolhapur City. Project cost Rs. 2.47 lakh.

  • Department of Botany: Consultancy project sponsored by Phytopharma Industry and also signed a MoU with Phytopharma Industry. Sponsored project of Rs. 1.18 lakh.

  • University Science Instrumentation Center : analysis of samples by using various instruments. Repairs and Maintenance, training programmes  etc.

  • MoU with Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI), Chennai: for upgrading of skills of persons working in traditional business as Kohapuri Chapple. CLRI has sponsored a project costing Rs. 2 crore to Shivaji University.

  • MoU with Infosys, Mysore : For training of the students in business process outsourcing (BPOs).

  • MoU with Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore : for Innovation in Education, training
    of teachers

Dr. S. S. Kolekar,

University Industry Interaction Cell,
Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

Tel: +91 231 2609164 (O) 9881762426 (Mobile)
Fax: +91 231 2692333




University Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC) was established in 1979 as level I USIC. It was upgraded by UGC to level II.  Dr. R. K Puri is the Prof. and Head of this centre.

Following activities are carried out at USIC.

A) USIC (Workshop)

  1. Repairs and Maintenance :-USIC provides the facilities of repairs, maintenance and fabrication of instruments through the following sections.
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Electronics
    • Glass Blowing
    • Optical
    • Welding
    • Drawing
    • Refrigeration and Air conditioning
    • Carpentry

    These facilities are provided to all University departments, affiliated colleges and also to outside agencies.

  2. Training Programme   USIC conducts training programmes on repairs and maintenance of Laboratory instruments for the Laboratory assistants of University departments, affiliated colleges and technicians from Industries. Workshop for college teaches on Analytical Instruments and the awareness programmes for students on these Instruments  are also conducted.
  3. Research Programme At USIC there  is a Vacuum Techniques and Thin film Laboratory. At this Laboratory research and development  work on different thin film deposition techniques of different dielectric materials is carried out.


          At this section the samples received from university PG Departments, affiliated colleges outside university/ Institutes and Industries are scanned on the following  Analytical Instruments.

 The Analytical instruments at CFC are as follows: 

X- Ray Diffractometer   (RT/HT) Philips –  PW 3710/PW 1710.

FTIR Spectrophotometer(4000-450 Cm-1 Perkin Elmer Spectrum One.

UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer (187-2500 mm) Hitachi-330

Microphotography (25 x,160x,240x) Leitz - Wetzlar.

HPLC (C 8/C 18) Water 2640 – Alliance

Ultracentrifuge (85000 RPM) Hitachi SCP 85 H


Thermal Analyser (TG-DTA-DSC)  TA Inc.  SDT- 2790

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer Aanalyst 300