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  A:  Network Maintenance Cell

Campus-wide network has been established and functioning from October 2001. Internet Service set up has been established in the USIC Extn. Bldg. This cell has taken active participation in the Establishment of Campus-wide Network and Internet Services at University's Kolhapur campus.

     At present, this cell is engaged in the Maintenance hardware and services viz. HTTP, Web, and Mail. As well as support to network users.

Following staff members are looking after the working of this cell:

 Mrs. S.S. Kharade

 I/c. Director, Computer Center &  
 Co-ordinator Internet Unit

 Mr. Kalyan Deorukhakar

 Dept. of Electronics

  • Network Setup

      Campus-wide computer network of around 250 nodes has been established in the University campus at Kolhapur. 18 building in the campus are connected using Fiber optic backbone. At present 27 Academic departments as well as Main Administrative Building are connected. Around 4000 meters of fiber cable is used. While departmental LANs (in-door connectivity) of switched 100 MBPS is on CAT-V UTP cable. Structured cabling system is adopted for better performance. 28 Network switches (Make 3Com 3300) are installed in the various departmental buildings. A layer-3 enterprise class switch (Make- 3Com 4007) with both fiber (20FX) and copper ports (12TX) is located at the Internet Center. The work of installation of campus wide network was awarded as a turnkey project to a Pune based company.

      At present Intel Xeon based server at Internet Center works as Primary DNS, Web, Mail and other server is configured as secondary DNS and Proxy server. Operating system is Linux Red Hat 7.2.

      A 64 Kbps leased line is procured from DoT. A pair of RAD ASM-20 modem with V.45 interface and a Cisco 2501 router connect the campus-wide network to Internet. Firewall equipment make Cisco Pix is used for security of the network.

E-mail/ Web surfing/download facilities are available to users community spread around the campus for 24 hours a day.

Domain name of University is and registered with NCST, Mumbai. "" is fully developed web site of University & is hosted on a hired server.

  B: Web Site Cell

Shivaji University has entered into the cyber space. An official website of the University titled was inaugurated at the hand of Hon. Shri. Ram Raje Naik-Nimbalkar, Minister of State for revenue, Govt. of Maharashtra on 20th May 2002. The function held in the Senate hall was chaired by Hon.Vice-Chancellor Dr.M.G.Takawale. Hon. Pro. Vice. Chancellor Dr. V.M. Chavan and Ag.Registrar Dr.S.H. Pawar graced the function.

       Another web site is also available. It is having exhaustive data and provided links to In future, our plan is to develop more interactive & dynamic site.

  • Staff at Web Site Cell: -
1. Dr. P.N. Bhosale
    In-charge, Web Site Cell, 
    Reader, Chemistry Deptt.,
    Co-ordinator, Dept. of Industrial Chemistry,
    Member of  Management Council & SENATE.

2. Mr. Amol S. Ghunake
    Project Assistant.

  C: Library Internet Hall

Internet Hall at Library Building was inaugurated by Dr. Arun Nigavekar, Chairman, University Grants Commission, New Delhi on 3rd Aug. 2002. Internet Lab was Setup from the Grants Received by U.G.C. in year 2000/2001. At present this lab is used by all post graduate and research students for their study purpose.

  • Staff at Internet Lab

Sr.No. Name Designation


  Dr. Milind J. Joshi

  System Programmer, Computer Centre.


  Mr. Amol S. Ghunake

  Project Assistant.

  • Statistical Details of Internet Users

Sr.No. Description Total


 Total Teaching Departments


 Total Post Graduates Students in all Departments


 Total Research Students in all Departments


 Total Teaching Staff


 Total Non-Teaching Staff

  • Activities in Internet Hall

    • Internet access to all university department students.

    • Internet access to all M.Phil. And Ph.D. students for their Research.

    • Internet access to all teaching and non-teaching employees.

    • Computer training to university non-teaching staff.